Pass Plus




Pass Plus is a training scheme aimed mainly at new drivers. The course has been specially designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to help new drivers gain a range of skills and knowledge that often come through age & experience – often learned the hard way.

The course will teach you how to deal with a variety of road/traffic conditions that you might not have experienced before ~ including motorway driving, which you cannot undertake until you are a full licence holder!

The course is taken after you’ve passed your test and consists of a minimum of six hours of mainly practical, in-the-car instruction.

Where do I learn?

Only suitably graded driving instructors who have enrolled with the DVSA are allowed to train drivers in Pass Plus. All of the driving instructors at Eezydrive are fully qualified to teach the Pass Plus scheme.

What do I learn?

The course is comprised of six modules, each covering a different aspect of today’s driving. The modules are briefly described here – full details are available on the DVSA Website .

13165442041074490410Bus Lane Sign.svg.hi Module 1 – Introduction/Town Driving
This consists of an introduction to the course, it’s aims and objectives – including an introduction to the idea of Positive Driving. This is followed by a practical session of town driving.
Beware_of_Ice_or_snow_Road_Sign Module 2 – All Weather Driving
This module covers the various difficulties faced by drivers in different weather conditions e.g. rain, snow, ice, fog – or even bright sunshine. It encompasses features like visibility, decisions on speed, aqauplaning and causes & prevention of skids – and how to correct skids.
548_0SZZ Module 3 – Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads
Driving on country roads can be very different to driving in town. This module highlights these differences and stresses the importance of factors such as observing the road and making progress safely. It also considers keeping a safe distance and safe overtaking.
ihhh Module 4 – Night Driving
Driving at night is a very different experience to that of driving in daylight. This session highlights some of these differences such as use of headlights, judging speed and distance, driving in the time between daylight and darkness.
sign-giving-order-national-speed-limit Module 5 – Dual Carriageways
Driving on Dual Carriageways can create situations that are not experienced during day- to-day town driving. Traffic is generally moving faster and you will learn the skills required to cope with these conditions e.g. judgment of speed & distance, more effective observation
index Module 6 – Motorways.
Motorways provide a fast and efficient way of getting quickly from A to B. However, the speed of travel and the complexity of driving on these roads can present problems to the newly qualified driver (and to many experienced ones). This module provides valuable, practical motorway driving experience. It covers topics such as: joining & leaving motorways, judging distance and road signs & signals.

The complete Pass Plus course is available for £210. Please contact us for more information.

The benefits – what’s in it for me?

The Pass Plus scheme cannot turn you into an expert driver overnight. However, it will build on your existing skills and abilities. You will

  • gain valuable driving experience on different road types in varied driving conditions
  • develop a positive driving style leading to safer, more enjoyable driving
  • reduce you risk of being involved in a road accident
  • become a more confident competent driver
  • reduce your insurance premiums with participating companies (subject to status)