Semi intensive Courses

A Semi-Intensive course is 30-hours, and can be spread over 10-days or 15-days. These courses should only take place after successfully completing your Theory and Hazard Perception test.

The 10-day option takes place for 3-hours per day, Monday to Friday, (2-weeks) therefore giving some time in between lessons for private practice and reflection. The 15-day option takes place for 2-hours per day, Monday to Friday, (3-weeks). These courses, although intensive in nature, are more suited to individuals who either can’t dedicate the time for an intensive course, or would feel more relaxed spreading intensive learning over a slightly longer period.

We do not recommend booking your driving test for the Friday at the end of the intensive course, as all people can think about towards the end of the week is the test itself ~ so they don’t get the best out of the driving tuition on those days. We have found it to be more beneficial to book your test for shortly after the course and use any time between the course and the test for private practice, mock-tests or further tuition if required.

Any further tuition will be considered for discount based on individual circumstances.

Please note: a minimum of four-weeks notice is generally required for Semi-intensive courses. Although cancellations may be available.


30 hours over 2-3 weeks £770